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Tractor Insurance Claim

Decision Reference Number: 2022-0059 – Tractor Insurance Claim declined In May 2019 the complainant accepted a claim settlement from the insurer to the value of €23,475 due to a fire causing damage to two sheds. This sum did not include the damage caused to a tractor insurance claim which was also covered by the farm […]

Claim rejected by FSPO

Claim Decision Ref: 2022-0003 The following summary is provided by us and the full details of the case can be found on A complainant left their residence for approximately seven months under advisement from the loss adjusters in September 2010 due to damage caused following an escape of oil. The complainant noticed damage caused to […]

Insurance Claims – General Overview

If you have been unfortunate enough to also have suffered a loss due to an insurance claim or insurance claims during this pandemic, you might feel isolated and vulnerable to the profiteering insurance industry who see your insurance claim or insurance claims as an expense. Insurers appoint their own loss adjuster, who claim to be […]

Insurance Loss Assessor. 30% Better Settlement

An Insurance loss assessor acts on your behalf therefore become your agent when you make an insurance claim, under the CPC 2012 you are entitled to avail of this benefit when making an insurance claim. We are a well qualified Insurance Loss Assessor who note that currently the Irish Insurance industry is not perceived as […]

Global Warming & Property damage Insurance Claims

Global Warming is causing property damage insurance claims. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2014 report concluded that ‘extreme precipitation events will become more intense and frequent in many regions”, this will result in a surge in property damage insurance claims therefore corporate responsibility should be a main consideration for management with responsibility for […]

Loss assessors view of claims experience

In theory, the claims department plays a key role in how an insurer can differentiate itself from its competitors, however its usually price it the absolute factor that the consumer decides upon. From a loss assessors perspective, we would state that the same loss ratio should be applicable to all insurers if they are providing […]

Storm Insurance Claim – policy wording

The definition of storm is important to understand before attempting to make a storm insurance claim, a storm is defined by Google as“a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.” When you have a storm insurance claim the policies provide definitions such as- “A violent atmospheric event […]

Property Insurance Claims

A news article within an Irish newspaper stated “Homeowners are missing out on thousands of euro because of a phobia about making Home insurance claims.” Could this be true? The age-old fear of loosing a no insurance claims bonus rings true to us all, I recall my first car insurance premium being over £5,500 with […]

Personal Injury Claim. Can I use a loss assessor?

In simple terms, yes, you can use a Loss Assessor for a Personal Injury Claim. The benefit of using a loss assessor for a Personal Injury Claim is the fact that they can offer a “No-Win, No-Fee” arrangement as opposed to a solicitor who can’t offer this arrangement. This is due to the fact that […]

Loss Assessor Case Study: Burglary

We were called out to a burglary insurance claim last week, which had considerable and extensive property damage. The property in question was based in the midlands and it was finished to a good quality standard. The thieves, not only did they steal a lot of our client’s jewellery, they also stole our client’s laptop […]

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