National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Storm Damage Claim – Case Study

The complainant states that storm damage claim caused a ceiling in his home to collapse, and states that the damage should be covered under the insurance policy. The providers loss adjusters advised the complainant that the damage was due to ongoing ingress of water which cumulated in the ceiling collapse. They advised that an insured […]

Apprentice / Trainee Loss Assessor

Apprentice / Trainee Loss Assessor Pro Insurance Claims are a dynamic and innovative Loss Assessment firm founded in 2010 and based outside Kells, Co. Meath . Comprising of a team of highly skilled and experienced people, we aim to provide the highest quality and service to our clients. If you want to join a us, […]

Non-payment of insurance premium

Case study – non-payment of insurance premium A home insurance policy was incepted on 22 December 2014. Complainants home suffered fire damage on 17 July 2016. The provider cancelled the home insurance policy on 26 April 2016 due to non-payment of insurance premium. The complainant states that the provider did not make them aware of […]

Insurance Claim for Wasps Nest

Case Decision reference – 2021 – 0155 The complainant noticed seeping which caused discoloration in a bedroom ceiling and discovered what they believe to be a wasps nest and they wanted to make an insurance claim. The complainant contacted the provider through their loss assessor. Upon inspection the loss adjuster claimed that it was a […]

Insurance unoccupancy issues

Insurance unoccupancy issues can lead to your claim being declined, what to do if you notice an unoccupancy issue, we analysis a decision made by the FSPO, the decision reference is 2021-0143 and you can log onto their website for full details. The complainant attended the providers office at the end of 2016 to ensure […]

Tractor Insurance Claim

Decision Reference Number: 2022-0059 – Tractor Insurance Claim declined In May 2019 the complainant accepted a claim settlement from the insurer to the value of €23,475 due to a fire causing damage to two sheds. This sum did not include the damage caused to a tractor insurance claim which was also covered by the farm […]

Claim rejected by FSPO

Claim Decision Ref: 2022-0003 The following summary is provided by us and the full details of the case can be found on A complainant left their residence for approximately seven months under advisement from the loss adjusters in September 2010 due to damage caused following an escape of oil. The complainant noticed damage caused to […]

Rejection of Claim due to non-disclosure

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2019-0145 – Rejection of Claim due to non-disclosure Background The complaint relates to the Insurers declinature of a claim and a cancellation of a household insurance policy held by the Complainant due to non-disclosure. The Complainants Case The Complainant is unhappy that her house insurance policy was cancelled ab initio due […]

Declined Water Leak Claim

Declined water leak claim due to an Insurance company wont pay the claim to repair water damage because the circumstances weren’t covered by the policy – Case Study –   Background The Complainant found water coming up through the floor and contacted an emergency plumber, the plumber couldn’t find any sign of a leaking pipe, […]

Storm / Flood Claim Declined

Storm / Flood Claim Declined by Insurance Company Due to Late Notification. FSPO – Decision Ref: 2019-0112 Background The complaint relates to the Insurers declinature of the storm / flood claim made by the Complainant for his rented property under his buildings cover only insurance policy for damage as a result of Storm/Flood. The Complainants […]

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