National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Benefits of our Service

  • We Average 30% Better Settlements. Net of fees!
  • No-Win, No-Fee.
  • 97% Success Rate.

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Expert Advice.
  • No quotations required.

Pro Insurance Claims & Independent Loss Assessors

We are first for customer satisfaction.

When Pro Insurance Claims established as Loss Assessors in 2010, our original promise was to provide expert insurance claims advice and achieve at least a 30% net better settlement on behalf of our clients. Today our promise is still evident within our 98% customer satisfaction reports. The main reason that we can provide such better settlement is due to our understanding of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. As  a claim assessors we have oodles of experience in policy terms and conditions and we provide plain speak to our clients so that you fully understand what it is we do and what it is you are entitled to.

We achieve better results within the insurance claim experience.

While insurers do state that you can seek an independent loss assessor at “your own cost” this is simply not the case. The overall benefit to you while using our loss assessment service in many fold, as insurance assessors we discover the areas of your insurance policy to which you are entitled to compensation, then we independently assess all the physical areas of damage to which will be included within the insurance claim schedule and comprise a scope of works based on this, in doing so it means that you don’t have to produce quotations from builders, industry experts, etc. No matter what the damage is, be it, burst pipes causing water damage, house fires, commercial fires, storm damage, oil remediation, personal injury, let our insurance claims experience help you.

If you have reported the claim to your insurance company prior to our involvement, you can appoint us as loss assessors to engage within the claim settlement prior to accepting the offer issues by insurers loss adjusters however to fully maximise the benefit of our expertise it is generally best to engage our services prior to notifying the insurance company of the loss.

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    Loss Adjuster are paid by Insurance Companies.

    You should note that a loss adjuster claims to be independent and impartial, this is simply not the case.Loss adjusters are paid by the insurance company and has a vested interest in serving the needs of their principle. A Loss Assessor is paid by you and is generally on a percentage of the claim, therefore loss Assessors have a vested interest in serving your needs.

    Value at risk.

    A common issue we incur within our rural claims is Value at Risk (VAR) and under insurance. Loss adjusters will seek to place the highest possible value on your property so that you incur the highest percentage of deductions within the average clause. As independent loss assessors we will assess the value of your property and maximise the use of the table of costs to which you will benefit should you be unlucky enough to endure average within your insurance claim. There are also percentage rules which can be applied so that you don’t occur average within your insurance claim, we also note that insurers will prove “walk away settlement proposals” which essentially means you won’t have to provide supporting documentation in order to seek the final retention payment.

    Small print or large print?

    While we all know the small print is where the insurance claim and be won or lost, we would protest that it is ever piece of print within the insurance policy that is relevant to your claim. We have dealt with  insurance claims which had average applied however when a full investigation of the policy schedule was conducted some buildings which insurers loss adjusters included within the VAR could not be legitimately included thus leading to a decreased rate of average or indeed no average at all.

    Independent Loss Assessor advice.

    Should you seek an independent loss assessment service second to none, please Contact our Expert Loss Assessor Team today.

    Insurance Loss Assessors V Loss Adjusters

    Insurance claim loss assessors and loss adjusters do essentially the same job but work from two opposing sides of the insurance claim. An insurance loss assessor works for you, the client. While an insurance loss adjuster works for the insurance company. In essence, we assess the loss and they adjust it. Rarely have we experienced insurance claim adjusters adjusting a claim upwards if there isn’t an expert insurance claim assessor overseeing their settlement proposal.

    Loss assessors do more than just settle claims, they’re also involved in the process of determining what type or amount is required to fix you have suffered and what you are covered for you’re your insurance policy. For instance, the person who assessing a water damage claim will not only look at how much it costs to fix the property but if there are also other expenses associated with the loss like renting another property will damage is fixed…etc.

    When you suffer a property loss or injured in an accident, it’s important to have the support of a team that will work hard on your behalf. That is why we do everything possible for our clients and average at least 30% better than dealing direct with an Insurance Claims department and their internal loss adjusters settlement proposal. We do this by carefully analysing and mathematically breaking down the adjustment that is then submitted to the insurance company’s loss adjuster, ensuring all the possible claim areas are covered for a high settlement.

    Insurance Claims Management

    Your loss assessor will cover all the Insurance claims management, from start to finish. They actively work with you to get all the relevant information for the claim so that it can be completed and submitted to the insurance claims department promptly to get the claim negotiations phase started as quick as possible.

    Managing your insurance claim doesn’t stop there, your loss assessor will then engage with the insurance company loss adjusters or claims department to negotiate a better deal or query their loss adjusters settlement proposal in detail to make sure you achieve a higher settlement.

    We have a team of highly qualified and experienced loss assessors who will act on your behalf and will guide you through the entire Insurance Claim Process, explaining how it all works and will support you with an expert at every stage. We take a lot of care throughout the process to ensure nothing goes wrong at end of the process and also so that all potential losses in case are covered.

    A loss assessor v insurance assessor…

    There is no difference between a loss assessor and an insurance claims assessor, they are the same from a workload perspective. The only difference is a loss assessor is recognised by the Central Bank and has to be regulated under a code of practice and conduct. The Central Bank do not give rise to an insurance assessor however we see no difference in the two as an insurance assessor will operate within the same parameters and it basically means the same thing.