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Residential Claims

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residential insurance claims A large amount of our business comes from private property insurance claims. Niall oversees all these types of residential claims. Due to his experience in the construction industry, he will seek to achieve his “pound of flesh” from the insurance claim, where you ultimately become the beneficiary.

The main types of residential insurance claims we process are

  • Water leaks.
  • House fires.
  • Chimney fires.
  • Thefts.
  • Explosions.
  • Accidental damage.

Typically we achieve a 30% better settlement offer net of our fee for you when making an insurance claim. As property is a complex area, it is best to seek independent advice as there may be items of scope that you are entitled to claim for that insurers won’t inform you of. While insurers Loss Adjusters claim to act independently on your behalf, what they neglect to say is that their fee is paid by the insurance company.

As the old saying goes “he who pays the piper, plays the tune”.

Has your property had an issue with Water leaks, suffered damage due to a House fire, Chimney Fire, explosion, accidental damage or  has been affected by theft? If so talk to one of our Loss Assessor experts, we are here to ensure your residential insurance claim is dealt with thoroughly and efficiently.

Case Study: Property Insurance Claims

A client contacted us regarding a property insurance claim for their commercial premises which had incurred numerous foul waters within the building. We treated the matter as urgent as there was an occupied tenant within the building and they has to act promptly to protect their position accordingly. We notified insurers immediately and had insurers loss adjusters appointed thereafter. We conducted a joint inspection of the property and updated our client accordingly. Their tenants were of the opinion that they couldn’t reopen the premises until all the works had been completed however we were concerned for our clients and proposed that they take all evasive actions and mitigate their tenants loss correctly. This was completed with our expertise, we then subsequently settled the claim for €55,000. Our client was of the opinion that we achieved a €15,000 better award than they would have gotten themselves notwithstanding the benefits of the advice’s we provided to prevent any subsequent third party claim from their insurers in relation to their tenants loss.