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Agricultural Claims

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farm insurance claimsWith the increase in thefts over the past number of years our business has seen a large increase within these types of insurance claims. Some of the Insurance claims we process in this area are,

  • Tractors.
  • Thefts.
  • Collision.
  • Impact.

Our in-house Loss Assessor team have farming backgrounds and are very knowledgeable. It is with our expertise that you will realise every cloud has a silver lining.

Case Study: Agricultural Claims

We received a referral from an insurance broker which was for storm damage to a number of farm buildings. As with all insurance claims, we would generally request a full policy schedule and terms and conditions to which we did receive and conducted a full on-site inspection with the appointed loss adjusters acting on behalf of insurers. At the onset of this agricultural insurance claim it became quite evident that there was a major issue with sums insured and we had to protect our clients position accordingly. The initial proposals from a senior Loss Adjuster was the sum insured for the buildings should be €240,000. Our client had only cover for €60,000.00 therefore the loss would have been calculated in the following way €60,000 divided by €240,000 x €15,000 (settlement offer) = €3,750 to be paid. It was with our Agriculture Loss Assessor Service experience, we reduced the sum insured to €100,000 and increased the total offer to €18,000 therefore the final offer made was €10,800. We then subsequently charged a fee of €1,250 for our services leaving our client €5,800 better off and not having to do any work within the Insurance claim.