National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Marine Claims

marine insurance claimWe have processed many large loss marine insurance claims, and continue to have extremely satisfied customers.

When you have a marine insurance claim, you should contact us immediately. While you will be knowledgeable about the boat, the insurer’s loss adjuster will be as equally knowledgeable about the boats structure however he will also know your insurance policy wording and have a greater understanding of it. Items like “wear and tear”, “average”, “shared responsibility” may sound confusing and prove costly.

Seek our advice and we will process your marine insurance claim from start to finish.

Case Study: Marine Insurance Claim

We were appointed to inspect a loss which occurred to our clients boat along the coast of Donegal. Insurers and their agents repudiated liability on the basis that there was negligence on behalf of our client and were offering a “good will” gesture of €4,000.00 for the loss prior to our appointment. Following our appointment we subsequently proved there was no negligence on behalf of our client and successfully identified the areas of the policy to which our client was entitled to. Our client received an award of over €48,000.00 following our involvement. Would it have been less stressful if our client has of appointed our Loss Assessment Services from the onset of the marine insurance claim?