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National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Insurance Claim for cracking

Financial Ombudsman Service – Case Study – Insurance Claim for cracking in a garage rejected due to questions about the definition of sudden. Background The Complainant discovered cracking to his garage and subsequently submitted an insurance claim for cracking when he became concerned that it might be subsidence, he contacted his insurer. The surveyor inspected […]

Gradual damage irrelevant.

Financial Ombudsman Service – Gradual damage irrelevant as problem not covered in policy – Case Study.   Background The Complainants have a home Insurance policy with the Insurer. The Complainants discovered a patch of damp on their dining room wall. The Insurer established that this had been caused by a leaking pipe. The Insurer agreed […]

Occupancy Clause

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0146 – Occupancy Clause Background The Complainants are the Representatives of the Estate of the policyholder, who held an home insurance policy with the insurance company. The Complainants Case The policyholder died the same day a water leak was detected. The insurance company declined the claim on the basis the home was […]

Liability Insurance Claim

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0184. Rejection of liability insurance claim Background The complainants made a claim under their home insurance policy arising from an injury suffered to a neighbour following the escape of the complainants dog. The Insurance company declined this liability insurance claim. The Complainants Case The complainants state while they were out of […]

Agricultural vehicle insurance claim

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0190 – Agricultural vehicle insurance claim   Background The Complainant holds an Agricultural vehicle insurance policy with the Insurance company, which provides cover in respect of a number of his named agricultural machinery. The Complainants Case While moving some mower on the farm, the mower came in contact with a stone and it […]

Insurance Policy Excess

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0110. Disagreement regarding Settlement amount offered and the insurance policy excess. Background The Complainants made an insurance claim under their home insurance policy due to a water leak. The loss Adjuster issued a settlement offer. The complainants representative queried if the policy excess had to be vouched in order for full […]

Rejection of chimney fire insurance claim

Decision Ref: 2018-0087. Rejection of chimney fire insurance claim Background The Complainants made a claim under their Farm Multiperil Policy for damage allegedly caused by a chimney fire which was declined by their Insurer. The claim was declined on the basis that policy conditions had not been complied with to provide cover for the chimney […]

Rejection of fire insurance claim

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0083 – fire insurance claim Background The Complainants made a claim under their home insurance policy for damage due to their heating system as a result of a fire. The Complainant’s Case The Complainants state that the damage was caused due to fire therefore its covered under the fire section of their […]

Claim Rejection – water leak

FSPO – Decision Ref: 2018-0064 Background The Complainant made a claim under their home insurance policy for damage caused to the home due to a water leak from a kitchen sink feed pipe. The Insurance company issued a settlement offer to the complainant for the sum of €3,961.16 for the water leak. The Insurance company didn’t […]

Theft Insurance Claim

When we consider that the rise in theft usually happens at this time of year, its inevitable that a theft insurance claim will follow therefore how can an independent loss assessor help you? When you have a theft insurance claim, it may seem complicated to prepare a claim that is suitable for an insurance loss […]

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