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Insurance Claims – General Overview

Insurance Claims – General Overview

If you have been unfortunate enough to also have suffered a loss due to an insurance claim or insurance claims during this pandemic, you might feel isolated and vulnerable to the profiteering insurance industry who see your insurance claim or insurance claims as an expense.

Insurers appoint their own loss adjuster, who claim to be independent and neutral, quite clearly this isn’t true as they have a vested interest to serve the needs of their principal rather than you. To further embrace this point, I refer to some correspondence between an in-house loss adjuster acting on behalf of an insurance company attempting to allege that the policyholder was their “client”.

In response to this allegation from the loss adjuster, we stated that it was somewhat pernicious of them to attempt to imply such a situation and indeed it would also contravene the Central Bank Code of practice.

Further analysis of what he attempted to allege –

Client definition (noun) – a person or organization using the services of a lawyer or other professional person or company.

Loss adjuster definition – an insurance agent who assesses the amount of compensation that should be paid after a person has claimed on their insurance policy and is making an insurance claim or insurance claims.

Naturally the two descriptions are conflicting, the loss adjuster is an agent of the insurance company and the loss assessor is an agent of the client.

The Central Bank is quite clear, they advise insurance companies that they must advise claimants that they can use loss assessors when making a claim however they then provide the following sentence “at your own expense” to try an deter claimants from the use of their services.

The Central Bank have allowed our office to state that on average we achieve a 30% better settlement for claimant’s net of our fee, so how exactly is this at a claimant’s own cost? It quite simply isn’t, we are a positive for you when making a claim. In addition to a financial positive, we are also there to guide you through the process from experienced lenses.

You may wonder how we achieve such results and why you wouldn’t be able to do similar, you may even think it’s just a bit of a haggle with your insurance provider however if you wouldn’t enter a court of law unrepresented, then you shouldn’t enter an insurance claim unrepresented as both have legal effect.

At Pro Insurance Claims we are proud of the reputation we have built over the past 11 years, we handle genuine claims and achieve excellent results this is evidenced in our online Google reviews by our clients whom all save one have given us a 5 star review. The one that didn’t apply a 5-star review, isn’t a client and we have queried with them and Google for information regarding this person as it quite clearly is incorrect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suffered a loss, we will handle your insurance claim with skill and achieve a result that you deserve.

Pro Insurance Claims, Don’t Settle for Less.