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National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Why use a Loss Assessor?

Why use a Loss Assessor?

Would you expect a farmer to build a house? If the answer is no, please read on for further information on why you should use a loss assessor.

Why use a Loss Assessor - Pro Insurance Claims

Pro Insurance Claims have properly trained Loss Assessor experts who know how to complete your insurance claim efficiently and effectively, with our experience and expertise you are in safe hands. We pride ourselves in obtaining the best possible insurance settlement offer which generally exceeds 30% net of our fee. In addition to this we also streamline the process in making an insurance claim whereby you won’t need to obtain repair estimates from builders who generally charge for such items, we also complete all other necessary paperwork on your behalf. Generally, the only item we would need from a policyholder would be previous claims history letters.

So to re-cap, engaging with a loss assessor will result in the following,

  • At least a 30% better settlement net of our fee.
  • No Quotations required.
  • Faster settlement offers.
  • Interim Payments.
  • Expert Advice.

There are multiple types of loss assessors with varying degrees of backgrounds and skills, before the Central Bank implemented the Minimum Competency Code there was no education required before you were allowed to practice as a loss assessor therefore the skill level in terms of understanding the insurance policy terms and conditions could be questioned.

Now under the Minimum Competency Code all loss assessors must be APA (Accredited Product Adviser) before they are allowed to engage with the public unsupervised. If they don’t have an APA they must be supervisor and the supervisor must insist upon a strict script and can only manage a small team, as loss assessment isn’t applicable to a strict script this extremely hard to do furthermore anyone working in this field should obtain the APA within four years of first starting as a loss assessor.

Under the regulation acts, a firm of loss assessors must have one of the following to be in compliance with the Central Banks’s required qualifications,

  • Associate or Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
  • Associate or Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  • Certified Diploma in Loss Adjusting (The Insurance Institute of Ireland)
  • Diploma in Loss Adjusting (The Insurance Institute of Ireland)
  • Solicitor Member of the Law Society of Ireland
  • Barrister-at-Law called to the Bar of Ireland

As you will note, all the above are highly trained professionals who would be regarded as experts in relation to insurance claims.

Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible or repudiating your claim because they will make larger profits therefore when making a claim getting independent advice from an expert is critical to you receiving the best settlement possible.

Please contact us today for a no obligation consultation or Call us +353 1 5135162 to speak to our Expert Loss Assessor consultants.