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National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Loss Assessors Dublin

Loss Assessors DublinLoss Assessors Dublin can help if you have experienced a loss arising from a possible insurance claim, you should read this article before you present your insurance claim to your insurance company.

Loss Assessors Dublin based primarily deal with residential and commercial property, the majority of claims come from water, fire, storm or oil leaks. Fire insurance claims can result in large loss if there are delays in the emergency services arriving or if the fire occurs within an internal section of the property which leads to it being undetected, another reason for a large fire insurance claim could be if the home owner is away or if the property is timber frame.

Depending on what type of plumbing system you use, this will have a bearing on the level of damage caused by a water leak, leaks in your attic coming from a header tank will result in a lot of damage if undetected for more than a few hours. Water leaks coming from pressurised systems result in high levels of damage.

Loss Assessors Dublin based will have noticed that as Irish Water continue to make improvements to the water system, it will increase the likelihood of a water leak in your home and also the age of your property will determine the likelihood of you obtaining a water leak. If you own a holiday home, there are several conditions attached in respect of what you must do when the property is unoccupied.

Loss Assessors Dublin based also deal with issues arising from oil leaks, they generally lead to large claims and can cause serious property issues for home owners if left untreated. If the oil pollutes your neighbour’s property you will have a serious issue on your hands, as this would be a claim resulting from negligence on your part.

If you have suffered a loss and wish to obtain on average a 30% better settlement net of our fee, please contact us today.