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National Claims Advice Hotline 0818 252 800

Loss Assessor Dublin

Loss Assessor DublinIf you are unfortunate enough to be in a position whereby you need a loss assessor, the importance of reading this post will be essential to you, the quality of your Dublin loss assessor is extremely important.


Firstly, an insurance claim is not like taking a trip to Maam Cross, due to the fact you have a legally binding contract with your insurance company means that the terms and conditions of the contract result in financial loss or gain.

A good Dublin loss assessor is a bit like an auctioneer, a good one, will make you money, a bad one, will not, just as in a court of law, you wouldn’t enter unrepresented therefore why would you do so with an insurance claim.

You need to be aware of what you stated on your proposal form due to the fact all insurance contracts are based a principle Uberrimae Fidei which is basically, Utmost good faith and is a common law principle therefore questions surrounding previous claims are extremely important. Sometimes insurers ask “did you have any insurance claims within the last six years”, at the time of purchase, you may have forgotten about a small claim you had five and half years prior to the purchase of your insurance contract, should this be your first mistake, you will have an issue going forward therefore a loss assessor in Dublin will help you.

Insurers would label this a misrepresentation which could lead to your claim being declined, there are three main categories of misrepresentation which are,

  • Innocent
  • Negligent
  • Fraudulent

You will find in the larger claims, insurers will you every angle possible to diminish you claim therefore you the quality of your loss assessor will assist you in this regard.

Another potential issue could be “conditions precedent to liability” which would be assisting insurers in pursuing their subrogation rights, what this means is that if an insurance company can identify a “wrongdoer” in an insurance claim, should they have sufficient financial assets they will attempt to recover all their expenditure from them, while there is a benefit to you on the basis that should you have uninsured losses, you can join them in this action.

Where this becomes evident is in the poor installation of chimney stoves, some do cause fires and can result in large losses, if you are not seen to be cooperative, it will affect your claim.

Another element of your insurance contract you need to be aware of, is endorsements, typical examples of this would be an alarm, you may have told your insurance company that you had an alarm at the time of your insurance contract however personal circumstances often change, should this be the case, you need to seek the advice of a loss assessor in Dublin immediately.

Please note, the above is only an example of some of the issues that you could potentially face in your insurance claim, take the stress away from the situation and employ the best loss assessor in Dublin today.