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Pro-Insurance Claims Loss Assessors work for YOU not the Insurance Company!

We have a structured framework of steps we follow to help us cover all insurable elements of your claim, plus follow a mathematical process to help increase your settlement... 

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Areas We Specialise

Step 1. Contact Pro Insurance Claims Loss Assessors

Free consultation with one of our loss assessors, where we will give advice on the first steps to take.

Step 2. Instruct Property Damage Loss Assessors

Talk to us and let us know how we can help you.

Step 3. We will contact your insurers and/or representatives  

Arrange for one of our loss assessors to attend a site meeting with them as soon as possible. Note, this may be a virtual visit due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Step 4. We will make a thorough assessment

Your losses and damage incurred and advise you regarding your policy cover.

Step 5. We do the hard work so you don't have to

We will deal with all relevant paperwork, correspondence and telephone calls on your behalf to process your claim effectively

Step 6. Property Damage Loss Assessors

Negotiate settlement of your claim on your behalf to maximize your claim payment. This step typically takes one to two weeks. After the claim is settled, it typically takes two weeks to receive settlement payment.

When it comes to water damage, we cover it all...

We deal with any water damage from a leaky roof, rain floods damage, appliances flooding floors (washing machines, dishwashers...etc), sewer pipes, mains leaks, ceiling stains, damp walls, wet ceilings, burst pipes, failed plumbing, hot press leaks, emersion leaks, boiler leaks, hot water tank leaks, underground pipe breakage.

Water Damage Claims

Fire Damage Claims

Fire damage claims are very complex in nature and have far reaching impact from damage to your property and more areas you may not think of. Even small fires can cause massive damage. 

We highly recommend that you do not try to settle a complex claim like fire-damage claim directly with an insurance company without our help. 

Theft Damage Claims

Unfortunately, these types of claims are on the rise. Your insurance company may only be willing to pay for some of the stolen items. Contact us to get professional advice on your claim before contacting your insurance company.

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"I had the great fortune of having Niall and Pro Insurance Claims in my corner when I had to make a claim on my home insurance policy, they dealt with the insurance company and their loss adjuster with great expertise and efficiency."

- Steven O'Connor, Entrepreneur


"Niall dealt with the claim in my behalf with great efficiency and speed. I didn't have to speak to my insurance company once."

- Deirdre O'Kane, Co-Founder Paidmyway.com

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