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Why You Need A Loss Assessor When Claiming Fire Damage

Fire damage claims are not easy to assess. You need to consider not only visible damage but also secondary damage caused by smoke and actions taken by a fire brigade or people trying to extinguish the fire.

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How Can We Help with Your Fire Claim?

Step 1. Contact Pro Insurance Claims Loss Assessors

Free consultation with one of our loss assessors, where we will give advice on the first steps to take.

Step 2. Instruct Property Damage Loss Assessors

Talk to us and let us know how we can help you.

Step 3. We will contact your insurers and/or representatives  

Arrange for one of our loss assessors to attend a site meeting with them as soon as possible. Note, this may be a virtual visit due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Step 4. We will make a thorough assessment

Your losses and damage incurred and advise you regarding your policy cover.

Step 5. We do the hard work so you don't have to

We will deal with all relevant paperwork, correspondence and telephone calls on your behalf to process your claim effectively

Step 6. Property Damage Loss Assessors

Negotiate settlement of your claim on your behalf to maximize your claim payment. This step typically takes one to two weeks. After the claim is settled, it typically takes two weeks to receive settlement payment.

Structural damage like fire damage can extend to areas within your house that may not be visible to you and smoke and soot damage can extend to areas of the house where the fire did not even reach.

Soot when it breaks down becomes corrosive and can cause serious damage to electrical appliances therefore, it is important that your home is professionally cleaned to prevent any further long term damage.

Soot Damage

House Fires

As Loss Assessors, we represent you, the insurer, not the insurance company. We thoroughly document the damage and prepare a comprehensive report of the remedial work required.

Our experience in handling previous claims means that we are aware of many aspects of damage that are not immediately apparent.

Business / Commercial

If you are a business,  we can also help you assess the lost of stock as well as trading losses while the repairs are being made.

We even help you get quotes for the repairs and deal with the loss adjuster appointed by your insurers, whose sole objective is to minimize or invalidate your claim.

Why Choose Us

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So, if your property or business has been damaged by fire and you are considering making a claim; call us first.  Being Loss Assessors with many years of property loss assessment experience, we know where to look for potential problems. We also know how to document and justify your secondary damage claim, so that you can get the compensation you deserve.